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This is a placeholder page for future material to help absolute beginners get started learning about American economic policy. For now I’m just going to post an unsorted list of random links without any additional comments from me. I hope to build this out over time.

  • POLITICO’s Breaking News email list — This has the highest signal-to-noise ratio of any policy and political content, period. It’s 5-10 emails in an average week. Most are 1-3 sentences long. It’s a just-the-facts thing that flags the most important policy and political news as it happens. Trust me, you won’t be sorry on this. You’ll also stun your friends at how on top of current events you are.
  • POLITICO has two other daily email lists you should try: Morning Money and PLAYBOOK.
  • Pick one of the three main papers and stick with its news page for a few weeks.
    • Wall Street Journal: news is basically centrist. Editorials and op-eds are conservative.
    • Washington Post: news leans left. Editorials lean left. Op-eds are a mix.
    • New York Times: news leans hard left. Editorials are ever farther left, with two centrists labeled as conservatives. Op-eds are a mix, leaning left.
  • Try RealClearPolitics for a great curation of opinion pieces. They post links twice a day. I skim the links every morning and read the one or two that interest me. They also have some of their own content that focuses on campaigns and elections, and it’s quite good. RCP leans right in their curation, but not too far, and they also link to some good left-leaning content.
  • Robert Samuelson is the best writer on big picture economics and economic policy.
  • Megan McArdle‘s columns are great.
  • At the moment I’m somewhat addicted to the Commentary blog. This is significantly more conservative and aggressive than the other stuff here. It’s also generally intelligent and high quality. Heavy national security focus.