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Demographics is a bigger problem than health care costs

The rapid growth of per capita health spending in the U.S. is a critical policy problem that needs to be addressed. It is not, however, the primary driver of our federal budget problems over the next 30-40 years. The aging of the population is. Policy changes need to address both pressures to prevent an eventual fiscal meltdown. We must not ignore demographics.
By |June 23rd, 2009|budget, economy, health, seniors, taxes|15 Comments

Director Orszag’s 10th year test and the health spending gap

The President and his Budget Director Peter Orszag argue they are being fiscally responsible when they support a massive new health entitlement. But combining Kennedy-Dodd with all of the President's proposed Medicare and Medicaid savings would make America's long-term entitlement spending problem much worse than under current law.
By |June 22nd, 2009|budget, health, taxes|16 Comments