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A third option changes the negotiation


Even if you are unwilling to challenge President Obama’s bluff, Republicans have a third option, a legislative alternative to an Obama-Boehner deal. And that gives them and their negotiator at least a little bit of leverage.

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Understanding the President’s fiscal cliff offer


This is not a serious offer.

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WSJ op-ed: Time to Call the President’s Budget Bluff


The Wall Street Journal has published an op-ed of mine, titled “Time to Call the President’s Budget Bluff.”

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The President is bluffing


The President’s veto threat is about whether he wants to cause a recession in 2013 and hamstring his second term.

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Reactions to the President’s press conference


No matter who gets blamed for it, a legislative stalemate leads to a terrible short-term macroeconomic consequence: increased unemployment and a new recession.

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The President sends mixed signals on the fiscal cliff


The fiscal cliff is a test of President Obama’s ability to negotiate with people with whom he disagrees. He was unsuccessful in this regard in his first term. If he fails again over the next seven weeks, American taxpayers and workers will suffer for it.

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Fiscal cliff diving


A smaller version of that deal is, in theory, possible during the lame duck session: incremental changes to the major entitlements plus scaling back tax preferences for the rich, and keeping all the rates in place for, say, a year.

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Tax levels cheat sheet


Just remember this: 18-19-20-21.

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The “insufficient detail” critique of the Ryan budget


The Ryan budget is a serious fiscal policy roadmap. It proposes the detail required for its intended legislative purpose, and it offers a roadmap for future reforms. And until President Obama and a Democratic-majority Senate propose an alternative long-term path or are replaced, the Ryan plan is literally the only long-term game in town.

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What if it’s a status quo election?


President Obama’s answer to Mr. Feller’s question is that, if there’s a status quo election, he would not do anything differently than he has for the past two years of fiscal policy stalemate.

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