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Responding to some of President Obama’s Medicare claims


America needs to slow significantly the growth rate of government spending on the major old age entitlements. Language such as that used by President Obama may scare some seniors into voting for him, but it will make needed reforms that much more difficult after the election.

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President Obama's Cleveland economy speech – detailed outline


This is my attempt to build a detailed outline of the economic speech President Obama gave in Cleveland yesterday. The prior post is a much shorter outline than this one.

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President Obama's Cleveland economy speech – high-level outline


This is my attempt to outline President Obama’s economic speech, given yesterday in Cleveland. This is a super short high-level outline. The following post is a much more detailed outline.

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Why delay austerity decisions?


We meet Lefty and Righty, who are discussing stimulus and austerity.

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America's entitlement spending problem


The Social Security financing gap is $23.2 trillion. Over the next twenty years, demographics are a bigger driver of entitlement spending growth than are health care costs.

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Eight month scoop?


I think this means I scooped the Post by about eight months.

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The President’s economic policy priorities


The massive recent and planned future expansions of government are the greatest threats to ongoing American economic strength in both the short and long term. Expanding the scope of government further as the President proposes will make things worse, not better.

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Why I oppose the Gang of Six plan


I strongly oppose the Gang of Six plan. I think it is absolutely terrible fiscal policy.

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Understanding Cut, Cap, and Balance


Sometime this week the House of Representatives will consider Rep. Jason Chaffetz’ H.R. 2560, the “Cut, Cap & Balance Act.” I recommend supporting this bill even with its significant imperfections. I place enormous value on the creation of an enforceable cap on total government spending.

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The substance of the budget negotiations


Piecing together information on a moving target from several sources, here’s my best interpretation of where the substance of budget negotiations stood as of late Thursday / Friday.

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