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How CBO’s minimum wage analysis changes the debate


Policies that destroy jobs are bad. Let’s instead maximize the opportunities for people at all levels of education, skills and abilities to find work.

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For every working American

I’ll let President Obama’s words and CBO’s analyses speak for themselves. THE PRESIDENT: … that has jeopardized middle-class America’s basic bargain — that if you work hard, you have a chance to get ahead. I believe this is the defining

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Ladder vs. Safety net

broken ladder

There is no free lunch here. Do you want a stronger ladder or a higher safety net?

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Two presidential errors on unemployment insurance


Last week President Obama said: But there’s an economic case for [extending additional unemployment insurance benefits], as well. Independent economists have shown that extending emergency unemployment insurance actually helps the economy, actually creates new jobs.  When folks like Katherine have

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Why stop at $9? A $90 minimum wage


Congress should reject the President’s proposal and in doing so maximize job opportunities for teenagers, high school dropouts, new immigrants and other low-skilled workers.

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How to avoid shafting future retirees & creating another bailout

Wallet Grab

The best way to stop taxpayer bailouts is not to block the bailout after the catastrophe has occurred, it’s to avoid creating the catastrophe in the first place.

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The 10 most important American economic policy issues of 2010

Here is my view of the 10 most important American economic policy issues of 2010. 1.  The weak U.S. macroeconomy In 2010 a weak macroeconomy once again swamped in importance all other economic policy issues.  Forecasters had predicted a tough

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No such thing as shovel-ready projects


Election season should not excuse the Administration from justifying its proposals as sound policy.

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President Obama vs. the Christie Principle of Shared Sacrifice


I’ll label this the Christie Principle of Shared Sacrifice: At all times, and especially during a difficult economy, it is unfair for those who run government, and those who receive paychecks from government, to exempt themselves from the difficult financial decisions that other private citizens are required to make.

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No sale to the press corps on unemployment insurance


While the President will win the vote on Unemployment Insurance, he lost the debate.

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