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An introduction to the debt limit

This post offers a plain vanilla explanation of the debt limit. This is basic background aimed at fiscal policy novices. I oversimplify in a few places for ease of understanding and push some caveats and complexities down to footnotes. Some

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Another op-ed

Here’s another op-ed from Ed Lazear and me.  This one is running on Fox News’ site. Bush ended financial crisis before Obama took office — three important truths about 2008  

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Ed Lazear and I have an op-ed on POLITICO based on our recent paper. Here’s the op-ed:  Who really fixed the financial crisis? And here again is the paper:  Observations on the Financial Crisis. As with most publications, we didn’t

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Rick Santelli liked our paper

Here’s CNBC’s Rick Santelli interviewing Ed Lazear on our new paper.

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Observations on the Financial Crisis

For the five year anniversary of the 2008 financial crisis, Ed Lazear and I have released a paper titled “Observations on the Financial Crisis,” published through the Hoover Institution. It’s just over 25 pages and also has a fairly detailed

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Opposing the President’s FHFA nomination


By nominating Mr. Watt the President signals a return to the pre-crisis philosophy of regulating housing finance risk. That is a huge mistake. Mr. Watt should not be confirmed to head the FHFA.

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How to avoid shafting future retirees & creating another bailout

Wallet Grab

The best way to stop taxpayer bailouts is not to block the bailout after the catastrophe has occurred, it’s to avoid creating the catastrophe in the first place.

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