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Subsidizing wind and solar because China and Germany are doing it

If President Obama is going to subsidize industries either because he likes them or because other Nations’ governments are subsidizing them, then we must acknowledge that he is engaged in industrial policy, aka state-managed capitalism, with an open question about whether the managing state is based in DC, Berlin, or Beijing.

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Why is American oil production up?

Domestic oil production in the U.S. has increased over the past three years and should continue doing so in the near future. That is good news. This good news results from improvements in oil production technology, not from President Obama’s policies.

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Nearly doubling renewable energy generation

Wind, solar, and geothermal sources are trivially small sources of U.S. energy. Doubling their usage is significant within those industries but when compared to the overall pattern of energy usage in the U.S. the increases are tiny.

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In America power and fuel are separate issues

In America there is little overlap between fuel used for transportation and electricity used to light, heat, and power our homes and businesses.

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Understanding the S&P report

Maybe the S&P report will scare the President’s team into treating the long-term problem seriously rather than using it as a campaign weapon. I’m not holding my breath.

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Serious policy differences are not petty politics

The President is arguing that those who disagree with his policies are engaged in politics. They are, he argues, motivated not by a well-intentioned difference of opinion about how to improve America, but instead by selfish motives.

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Gas tax increase or budget gimmick?

Is the President’s $328 B “Bipartisan financing for Transportation Trust Fund” proposal a gas tax increase or a budget gimmick?

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Intro to nuclear power and the Fukushima plant crisis

Thanks to both Maggie Koerth-Baker and to Evelyn and Commander Mark Mervine (ret.) for their explanations of the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima nuclear power plant. Their work blows away anything I have so far seen in the MSM.

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What is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR)?

Based on public information, I think it’s hard to justify an SPR release now. If a lot more supply goes offline (in Libya or elsewhere), and if the Saudis lack the spare capacity to offset that additional loss, then the President will have a tough call to make.

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The 10 most important American economic policy issues of 2010

Here is my view of the 10 most important American economic policy issues of 2010. 1.  The weak U.S. macroeconomy In 2010 a weak macroeconomy once again swamped in importance all other economic policy issues.  Forecasters had predicted a tough

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