My debate with Jared Bernstein

At the New York Times’ Room for Debate site, former VP Biden Chief Economist Jared Bernstein and I debate the next steps in the fiscal struggle.

Writing a Budget to Prevent Another Shutdown

Dr. Bernstein now works as a senior fellow at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities.


I escaped Washington, DC and now teach at Stanford's Graduate School of Business.

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2 comments on “My debate with Jared Bernstein
  1. David Charlton says:

    Mr. Hennessey, very interesting debate showing little common ground other than acknowledgement that parties are miles apart in ground principles. While that discourages me, more depressing is the content in the comments to the article. You two are experts, armed with facts and experience and disagree based on them. Some of those filing comments just seem to disagree, in some cases vilely, based on emotion and feelings. I must stop reading them because it suggests that our sense of community is badly broken, perhaps beyond recovery. If we no longer respect sincere differences in policy as a factor in the design of government, then we will head rapidly towards some other form, whether de facto or de jure. That’s what bothers me more. DavidC

  2. Vivian Darkbloom says:

    Perhaps they should have re-named that “Room for Debate” column “Very Small Room for Negotiation”.

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